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The motivated team at Heritage Paper has built our stellar, nearly 30-year reputation of excellence by providing professional service and innovative custom packaging solutions to a wide range of companies and industries in California, the West Coast and beyond. We take pride in our partnership approach, offering clients a unique combination of in-depth industry expertise, the latest in custom packaging manufacturing and unmatched customer service.

We strive to be an extraordinary and sustainable workplace of world-class professionals. We’ve applied the concept and simple idea of ‘Servant Leadership’: Those who serve first then choose to lead, can make the biggest difference in an organization, and in peoples’ lives. By incorporating this idea to our own management philosophy, organizational structure and processes, we’ve shown our commitment towards those we serve – our employees, our clients and the community at large. We always ask ourselves the ultimate question: “Do those served, grow as people?”



Many companies have mission statements. Precious few actually attempt to live up to them. At Heritage Paper, we are dedicated to always ‘search out our customers’ needs and meet them in a superior way.’

We embrace the latest technology and ideas to support your business. We offer both in-house graphic design and structural engineering that allow us to develop unique and creative solutions to your packaging requirements. We also offer in-house fulfillment services, Just-In-Time shipping, and the people, equipment and facilities to ensure a successful outcome for our clients’ projects. Each of our clients have unique needs, so we take the time to truly understand the nuances of their people, processes and business realities to better help us find the right solution for them. Through this process we explore more efficient packaging methods, alternative packaging materials, customized warehousing programs, and tools to automate the packaging process from beginning to end. Through our array of manufacturing and distribution facilities, Heritage Paper can help you identify the right solution and save you time and money in the process.