Website: https://www.katzke.com/

Coverage Area: CO, WY, W. NE

Contact:  Glenn Suta

: gsuta@katzke.com

Phone: 303-525-1787

Member Capabilities

Packaging Design

Our design experts create innovative packaging designs that will protect your product and grab the attention of consumers. With years of experience in a wide variety of industries, we can design packaging for any product.

Packaging Assembly

Ensure your product is ready to go with our packaging assembly service. Receive fully packaged products in custom configurations that will allow you to save valuable time on production.


We have the ability to create custom packaging for any product, no matter the shape or size. Die-cut foams and laminated protective materials will ensure your products stays safe and damage-free during shipping.

Inventory Management

Our team manages both the inventory and product ordering for several key customers every day. We take pride in never running our customers out of products or overstocking their warehouse

Box Customization

Our unique customization tool allows you to get the exact packaging you want to grow your brand and stand out from competition. Our team will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote on your box design. Get started!

Product Conversion

Stock materials aren’t always enough. Our experts will find a packaging solution that will fulfill your specific needs. We will work to create an optimal packaging system for you.